Republic Thursday Accra Quiz Night – A thing to do.

Thursday Quiz Night is somewhat a new feature in Republics plethora of daily events. It has engaged the curiosity and interest of the Citys’ bar going crowd. It may be a new concept to most but nevertheless is gaining notoriety as Republic version of the old Ghanaian TV Quiz Show “The Brillant Quiz”.

The Introduction

The first Quiz Night at Republic occurred about 4 years ago in 2013 but after a successful 1 year of running smoothly, it came to a halt when the City Authorities where a bit concerned about the use of the road space by Republic. Management however did not re-engage quiz nights only until 3 months ago in March 2017 and it has taken off again quite well.

The Response

The Management and Patrons of Republic are surprised about how well it has taken off and attribute its success to the “Competitive Fun Spirit” in us all. “…It is always fun to to be competitive or argumentative whilst having a few glasses or pints. It’s a trait that never leaves us bar people…” says one Republican Extrodinaire Daniel Gyasi. Patrons are enquiring about event dates and times and are generally glad there is something different to do.

The Atmosphere

During Republic Quiz Nights it is common to have various table teams of different sizes comprise of different age, racial, labour and gender demographics. It is different from any other Republic evening where the primary focus is not on music, or engaging in drinking to “actively diminishing your capacity to reason scholarly”. The music interludes helps a lot in breaking up the class-room-like monotony and the Akpeteshie buzz is somewhat still ubiquitous. It usually lasts till about 11pm when the Republics’ new Thursday night addition takes over- “The Republic of House Music”.

What Lies Ahead

The main purpose of Quiz Night is to build Community. The Management is currently seeking for more enhanced participation, sponsorship, expert advice and bright ideas to make it a more fulfilling experience for their patrons. Quiz Night is definitely here to stay.


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